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Most of you must be using windows NTbackup restore utility to create backups of your data on a regular basis. This will be helpful to prevent complete data loss with the impact of any uninvited disasters like deletion or damage of data. The files with .bkf files are also prone to corruption so sometimes if you try to perform BKF Restore, error message stating “There is no information contained in the file” emerges.

Common Causes for Common Error

The common causes for backup BKF file corruptions are

  • Hardware failure
  • Software malfunctioning
  • Malicious software (virus etc)
  • Sudden and improper system shutdown
  • Installation of service packs causing trouble
  • Backup creation simultaneously with BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)

This also can be a reason: BKF corruption and the error message “There is no information contained in the file…” can also occur when you create a BKF file and then install Windows with a different product key after creating the backup.

After Effect of Corruption: When BKF files corrupt, you are unable to access .bkf files and as a result backup restore will also be denied. This prevent you from performing actions like  extract BKF, open BKF, and also explore BKF files, which can cause huge issues of data unavailability and time lose.

Practical Solution to Restore BKF: The most practiced way to get back your data is to repair BKF files and restore BKF with an efficient third party BKF Recovery Tool. BKF Repair software is one such tool that can perform MS backup restore with ease and perfection. Using this BKF restore tool you can easily extract BKF files data and open BKF files/explore BKF files and can save the items in BKF recovery windows form after performing BKF File Repair also.

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