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To fix master .MDF database you must be equipped with an application that is capable enough to repair your damaged or completely corrupted SQL database within a safe range of recovery because safety comes first and the price of recovery later. But SQL Recovery tool is one of the very few applications that not only has the potential of recovering SQL MDF files but is also tagged at a reasonable price range so that the users can be at convenience i.e. safety as well as worthy price, both ensured. When it comes to the reliability levels of the tool, users can get the assurance via the trial version which can be downloaded free of cost from the software website for examining the software potential and dependability levels.

Errors Or Corruption; SQL Recovery Is An Expert

The master.mdf database file can get corrupted due to any possible cause of SQL Server and in one of these situations you might also face an erroneous message which confuses you even more.

Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID. The high key value on page P_ID1 (level LEVEL) is not less than the low key value in the parent P_ID2, slot S_ID of the next page P_ID3.

Symptoms: Your master.mdf database resultantly becomes inaccessible for further usage once this error message pops up on your screen.

Corrupting Agent: The reason why the master.mdf gets corrupted in this case is because the B-tree values metadata structure gets corrupted due to either physical damage or logical corruption which makes the database becomes inaccessible and damaged enough to give rise such error based messages.

Two Ways To Fix Master MDF

There are logically two main ways via which one can fix master .MDF database file and the manual recovery procedure that is done through script recovery is absolutely rejected by experts and hence is not a suggested way of recovering database from SQL Server. So, to do the recovery reliably and reasonably you have to invest on the SQL Recovery tool that has all what it takes to be a complete packaged tool for SQL MDF repair.

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