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Sometimes, a database appears marked as ‘Suspect’ in enterprise. SQL Server™ appears as ‘Suspect’ and it does not allow to access database. The real matter to understand here is that SQL Server sets bits in the status field in sysdatabases table.

Problems with Table Suspect Status: The thing to understand is that table suspect status is not a small issue and it has to handle with some specialist. Here the thing to understand is that when database files is renamed from Windows Explorer or command prompt. So, in such case, you just need to restore original file name and after that manually restore the bit status field in the following command:

  • update sysdatabases
  • set status = status & ~256
  • where name = 'MySuspectDatabase'

How to Open SQL Database and How to Fix Table Suspect Status?

To fix Table Suspect Status, SQL Recovery software, is helpful and help in recovering database wholly. The innovations like FHCR and QDRT is a way to restore damaged database quickly. With this highly efficient tool, efficient results are waiting for you and you would be able to fix SQL error and fix table suspect status in only few minutes. This software is to recover stored procedures, rules, defaults, user defined data types, triggers. It will recover SQL Server database and recover corrupted MDF files and prepare SQL script that has recovered database structure.

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