SQL-02100 Out of Memory



Are you SQL Server users & you are facing lots of trouble when you are apply some mouse click to open any MDF files. Many times you can see an error message like SQL-02100 Out of Memory.

Cause: The main reasons behind this error messages is shortage of sufficient memory space. Means SQLLIB was unable to allocate sufficient memory space to run any single program too.

Solution: If there is no enough memory space and you are try to run multiple SQL files or program then your data might be corrupt. In such type of case you need a best or perfect SQL Recovery Program to repair corrupt files, folders, and table. No need to go anywhere use corrupt SQL Recovery Software & repair it. SQL repair tool provides the best recovery of MDF files.

Resolve SQL Server Errors Like:

  • SQL-02100 Out of memory
  • SQL-02101 Inconsistent cursor cache
  • SQL-02107 Program too old for runtime library
  • SQL-02113 Unable to open message file
  • SQL-02117 Invalid SQL Cursor usage: trying to OPEN an Opened cursor
  • SQL-02121 Invalid host name

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