Fix Error 8936 in SQL Server
With SQL Recovery Tool


If you are an SQL user then you might have created tables in SQL server to get better records. As we know that Microsoft SQL server database prefer B-tree indexes (table indexes) to get good results. Because these B-tree indexes really help SQL users to get answers of typical queries. The pages which are created in B-tree indexes are called index nodes. The node which is present at the top and you can call the ROOT NODE of the B-tree indexes. There are nodes which are present in between bottom nodes (LEAF NODES) and roots nodes these nodes are called BRANCH NODES.

When these table indexes get damaged then the SQL server shows tables his “Error 8936” critical error. Due to this error you are unable to access SQL contentsand recover SQL contents. This error 8936 creates enormous mess like situation so you need a solution which can help you to come out from this situation. Retrieve deleted tables and Fix Error 8936 in SQL Server with the help of SQL Recovery Tool because only this software is quite capable to solve this major problem.

This SQL Recovery Tool new version has some tremendous features like “Multi Threaded Export”, it helps us to export and save multiple tables to SQL server without making any efforts. This feature saves your lot of precious time. With an aid of this tool you can also accomplish Corrupt MS SQL Server Recovery process.

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